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Append block log to Special:Blockip
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Author: mysekurity

I had been thinking; since the log of a page's protection has been added to the
Special:Protect page, would it be possible to add the block log for a user to
the Special:Blockip page? I posted this as a question to Aevar's talk page, but
no response. This is (I think) my first Bugzilla bug, so tell me if I've done
anything wrong. Thanks!

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Severity: enhancement
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robchur wrote:

*** Bug 4435 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

robchur wrote:

Update: This one's going down as part of a series of improvements I'm making to
the blocking interface, which should be completed within the week. I'd gotten
distracted from it.

mysekurity wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Rob, has this gotten anywhere? I understand you devs are under a lot of pressure,
but has this been considered/coded at all?

Thanks for your time.

mysekurity wrote:

Anyone? Anyone at all???

rotemliss wrote:

I don't think it's possible, as the user name is just another field in the block
page, unlike the protection page.

robchur wrote:

Added in SVN trunk, r16287.

robchur wrote:

It *is* possible, but the log fragment won't show up in a lot of cases. When
calling Special:Blockip/Evil_User, however, it will, and I guess that could come
in useful. It'll also be thrown up when the block criteria are invalid.

mysekurity wrote:

Wait, so is this happening or not? I can deal with it not coming up in a few
cases, but it's one less tab for Firefox to keep open and suck down memory on
(amongst other things, including but not limited to, allowing me to remember to
check it). I think it would be incredibly useful to have Special:Blockip/Bad_Guy
have the log (as I rarely type in the ip or username, but instead use a handy
link to deal with it for me), and it would be great if that is at all possible.

In any event, keep me updated on any descision, and thanks.

robchur wrote:

It has happened, see comment 6. Special:Blockip/Foo will show block log
fragments relevant to user Foo.

ayg wrote:

For clarity: it may or may not have gone live by the time of your comment. The
software used by Wikipedia et al. is resynced on a pretty regular basis, so you
won't have long to wait. If it hasn't gone live already, it should be up within
hours, I think: aren't the syncs daily? Certainly it will be live within a
couple of days.

mysekurity wrote:

ohhh... thank you. I checked comment six, as well as tested Wikipedia, and the
change hadn't yet been implimented. Thanks to all involved, and keep up the good