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Problem with Arabic characters in all links!
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Author: ducklet_cat

One of the powerful features of the software is that it has the name of the article in the kink
itself such as:

So ideally, a link it Arabic should look like this:أدونيس

But unfortunetly in the browsre bar + even when hovering over the link the link that appears in the
status bar is always like that:

Check any link here and the problem is always the same even in Arabic-enabled

I was thinking of building a non-profit project with the software, but this problem has really put
me off, I hope there is a solution for it.

Thanks a lot

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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avarab wrote:

Resolving as INVALID, all links must be encoded properly, that is out of our

avarab wrote:

...furthermore how your browser displays URI encoded strings is up to the
browser, not us.

ducklet_cat wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

1- How do I ensure that links are encoded properly?
2- and what browsers do you receommend? because I noticed the same problem in other languages of wikipedia
such as hebrew.

Thanks a lot!

This is the URI (Universal Resource Indentifier) encoding of an IRI
(Internationalized Resource Identifier), for maximum compatibility.

See for background

If your browser understands IRIs, it may display them in a nice, attractive style.
Off the top of my head, Safari is known to do this; Firefox doesn't. I'm not sure
about MSIE.

As browsers continue to move ahead, IRI display will continue to improve in

robchur wrote:

That's a "no" on IE.

(Well, what did you expect? ;-)