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Disable page creation by anons on en.wikiquote
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Author: essjaywiki

Jimbo recently allowed Wikipedia to prevent anon editors from creating new
pages. The Wikiquote community (at least the segment involved in policy
discussions) have discussed doing the same on Wikiquote and have come to a
consensus that we would like to have page creation by anons turned off. The
consensus discussion can be found here:

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zigger wrote:

Resolving as INVALID, as the linked discussion started less than 24h ago.
The request can be re-opened later if there is still a consensus.

robchur wrote:

I wasn't aware that this decision could be made without Board intervention...

essjaywiki wrote:

Respond to the above:

  1. Yes, it has only been 24 hrs, but Wikiquote has a very, very small group of

users who are actually involved in these sorts of discussions. (There are about
6-10 of us.) We don't mind waiting a bit if you like, but it is unlikely that a
large number of posts will appear, as there simply aren't a large number of
contributors to post.
2)If it is something that requires the Board's intervention, someone please
advise us of this. So much of what the Board does is not public that it simply
wasn't something we were aware required the Board to intervene. I'm happy to
take it to the Board (or at least, make it known to the three that I see in
#wikimedia daily) if that is what is required.

That setting on en.wikipedia was made by specific order of the Wikimedia Foundation's
President and Chairman. It's not normally how our sites operate, so I'd be very leery of
setting it anywhere else without similar instructions.