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Turn off automatic capitalization on Nahuatl Wiktionary
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Author: spacebirdy

Hello, please could you turn off the automatic capitalisation on the Nahuatl

I am the only active member there.

I myself will do the changes afterwards, which are very few.

Many thanks in advance, greetings
Elisabeth Anderl

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Severity: enhancement



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pieggnodoyuna wrote:

I agree with Spacebirdy. Now, when the site is still at the beginning and almost empty, is the
best moment to make the chage into an initial case-sensitive mode. I plan to contribute there
occasionally and it would be good and would save us time in the future. Thanx.


spacebirdy wrote:

Hello, please could this be done soon, Piolinfax and me are waiting with entries
till this is done :(

Many thanks for your efforts
best regards,
Elisabeth Anderl

pieggnodoyuna wrote:

A place like the Nahuatl Wiktionary is not having almost traffic at the moment and this (needless?) delay is
not helping to increase it at all. The sooner the switching off is done, the faster we could start developing
the site. I thought the process was faster and easier: in "es.wikt" it was just little more than "pressing a
button"... the hard work came later when we had to manually change the initial of more than 1000 pages... will
this delay mean the beginning of a déjà vu? It's 19 days now since the action was requested by Spacebirdy.
Shall I, like Spacebirdy did above, also appreciate your efforts or should I save my thanks because nobody
with the proper, powerful finger to switch the capitalisation off will read this anyway? :| ... OK, my top
class breeding chooses to make me say "THANX, team!" :)


pieggnodoyuna wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

It's 19 days now since the action was requested by Spacebirdy....

Actually i''s not 19 days bu' a whole monf wif firty-one fat, full, freeezing days in i'.


pieggnodoyuna wrote:

Nothing yet? I know people here is very busy with other projects, but it is now 33 days since the request was
done... and counting. The same delay is being suffered by Serbian, Alemannic, Breton and Norwegian wiktionaries

Thanx, anyway :)


pieggnodoyuna wrote:

Anybody There?

<Echo> ... Ybody There? ... Y There? ... Ere? ...</echo>

OK. Then Let's Take Advantage Of The Situation And Do Something Practical: Let's Learn To Count In Nahuatl:

Cempohuallihuan Matlactli Nahui Tonalli = Thirty four days.