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Create Ripuarian Wikipedia (WP:KSH)
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Author: dominik.bach

We have been requesting the setup of a ripuarian wikipedia.

The request on metawiki has been approved by 16:1 votes (19:2 counting anonymous):

The Test-Wiki with > 1000 articles to be imported into the final Wikipedia is here:

And the language.php is here, embedded in a wiki-table:

Thank you

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gangleri wrote:

Hallo Dominik!

the project namespace is hardcoded.

Please confirm if

NS_PROJECT => $wgMetaNamespace,
NS_PROJECT_TALK => $wgMetaNamespace . 'klaaf',

should be used and change [[de:Benutzer:Purodha/languageKsh.php]] accordingly.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

  1. Unfortunately,
was based on an outdated source file, and needs a little rework.
I am going to do that asap, i.e. during the next few days.
I am going to report here, when done.

  1. I suggest to alter mediawiki installation parameters, when possible, when copying the test wiki:

2.1) permit 1st character in lemmas to be lowercase

(current setting is to always uppercase 1st letters)

2.2) if possible, switch to a different lemma matching algorithm:

Try an exact match first; it that fails, try a caseless match; if
that yields more than one result, select the one(s) with least number
of differences; if there are several, choose the one with longest
exact match from left/right for ltr/rtl scripts.

Better to have a phonetic match algorithm, too, but that,
presumably, will need some work :-)