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cssclass option does not apply class to help text
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When adding a CSS class to an HTMLForm element using the "cssclass" option the class is not applied to the text that is displayed below the element that is provided in the "help" option.

This is counter-intuitive and if the cssclass option is not applied to the help text a separate option should be provided to allow the styling of the help text.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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Created attachment 15326
Patch that fixes bug 65087

Uploaded a patch that adds an option to allow styling of the help text. This is my first patch to Mediawiki and I don't have Gerrit access, so I am uploading it here instead.


Hi! Thanks for your patch!

You are welcome to use Developer access

to submit this as a Git branch directly into Gerrit:

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Thanks again! We appreciate your contribution.

Change 132946 had a related patch set uploaded by Gerrit Patch Uploader:
Adding css styling option for help option in HTMLForm

Uploaded a new patch. Mentioning here since I noticed that the Gerrit Notification Bot didn't. Just corrects the issues with the previous patch.

Change 132946 merged by jenkins-bot:
Adding css styling option for help option in HTMLForm