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Not Processing Output of Custom Tag Extension
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Author: paul

I have a custom tag extension that is returning WikiText like so:

return $parser->recursiveTagParse($wikitext);

Terminology entries that appear in $wikitext are not being marked up by Lingo.

Consider "FOO" is an entry in the Terminology page and another page is created like so:

The list of FOO is below.

The results of the <list_foo/> tag could be something like so:

! FOO !! BAR !! BAZ
| 1 || The first one || Details...
| 2 || The second one || Mode details...

The "FOO" in that first line if the page is being marked up properly. The "FOO" in the table returned by the tag is not.

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Severity: normal



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Should be fixed in bee2f0a provided that the parserfunction is called from the main article text (i.e. not from some UI message or similar).