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Blocked/banned users see broken "block message"
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Author: simonell

To see what I mean look what User Amtiss uploaded to the commons:

His image description: "BUG: It displays how it looks like, if you want to edit
an article, but you're banned. Taken from German Wikipedia while using Mozilla

Zeigt wie es aussieht wenn man als gesperrter Benutzer einen Artikel bearbeiten

(I chose priority normal, because I think its easy to fix. If thats no reason,
then change it.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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robchur wrote:

This looks like a simpler rendering issue to me. Can we have details pertinent
to the browser and OS being used, whether or not refreshing fixed it; whether it
affects more than this user, etc?

Looks like bad HTML, probably a broken UI message text.

The message has been corrected.

simonell wrote:

wow, you are fast :-)