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Unable to rename user where the username starts with a lowercase letter
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Author: DaB

In german wikitionary I have renamed a user from "Gunblade" to "gunblade". Now
he can't login. brion tells me, that I need to rename the user, but I can't.
Special:Renameuser tells me, that a user "gunblade" doesn't exist, but
special:listuser list him.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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I've done this one manually, but it would be good to fix up Renameuser to:

  1. Don't allow renaming a user to an invalid username
  2. Do allow renaming an invalid username to a valid one!

Fixed with r20841.

Found another bug (and fixed it): oldusername was written with NS0 instead of
NS2 into logs

Just poking this to test a bugzilla mail issue.