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Request for new domain name -
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Author: david.macdonald

I previously made this request to wikitech-l, and didn't receive a response. I
think the request should have come here instead.

I am a contributor to the en:Wikinews project. For the past few months we've
been working on a country portal for Australia:

We would like to start advertising this portal using pamphlets and posters in
the hope of increasing the amount of local original reporting that we produce.
Unfortunately the URL is a little inappropriate for such a purpose. We were
hoping to get this URL:

... to redirect to a multilingual portal page, that would link to the Australian
portal within each Wikinews language project. I've created a quick example:

.... modeled on the one used at

Any idea where I should go next with this request? We basically want it to
function the same as currently does.

(Wikinews User:Borofkin)

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I'm gonna WONTFIX this for now since there's been no support I've seen for
this kind of country-and-topic-specific URL scheme. Since it's a matter of
site identity this should probably go through Foundation-l before we can
touch it.