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[[Special:Brokencategorykeys]]; mechanisms to identify all pages where a page / template 'foo' is used inside the category sort keys
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Author: gangleri

Sorry for this!

We all make mistakes; both normal users and sysops.

If a template 'foo' used inside the category keys [[category:blabla|... {{foo}}
...]] at pages 'bar' 'foobar' etc. is deleted and category membership would be
updated automatically as a consequence of
Bug 4857: Page purge queue daemon (for template updates, etc)
'bar' 'foobar' etc. will not be membes of 'category:blabla' any more.

If such "mistakes" should be detected a special page 'Brokencategorykeys' is needed.

Maybe other mechanisms should be available alternatively / as well:
a) indications while deleting templates that the category is used in 'category
sort keys'; but if these indications are ignored?
b) disabeleing the detion of such templates unless they are removed from all
relevant pages; identifying these pages would be a painfull job
c) others?

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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gangleri wrote:

Comment 0 does neither cover the general case when links (wikilinks or external
links) are broken because of deleted templates in contructs as
[[<namespace>:foo{{bar}}]], [protocol://foo{{bar}} foobar] etc.
nor because of missing / unspecified parameters of the used templates.

Identifying such broken links in the main namespace would have a higher priority
then listing unspecified parameters in nested templates.

robchur wrote:

Hm. Well, if a user relies upon a template to set membership and/or sort key,
one would hope they knew the repurcussions of changes to it.

robchur wrote:

Using templates, magic words, etc. to set sort keys doesn't make them "broken". Regardless, this is the sort of task suited to the toolserver, since it's an infrequent, low-audience feature.