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Image from Commons doesn't show up when searched in Wikipedia search box
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Author: folengo

For example, copy and paste "Image:Mozambique -
traditional sailboat.jpg" in the search box of the
English Wikipedia. The search result is "No page with
that title exists", although the link is a blue link.

In some Wikipedias (for example the Japanese one) even
this blue link is not provided on the search result

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folengo wrote:

Here's a tiny url for the search page I mentioned :

folengo wrote:

Sorry the above tiny url is wrong. Here's the
right one :

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

For having results you could search directly on Commons ;-)

But I think you are talking about a global search function for Wikimedia wikis,
aren't you? Just to be precise: Do you suggest, that a search on enWP should
also involve the search results from WikiCommons, or did you just wonder why
this does not work yet?

Best regards, Melancholie

folengo wrote:

Thanks for your attention.

"Do you suggest, that a search on enWP should
also involve the search results from WikiCommons ?"

Yes I think so. Remember that The Commons page will not

tell you which English Wikipedia pages include the
picture. If you want to kow which English Wikipedia
pages include the picture, you've got to go to the "File
links" section at the bottom of

After you have found a picture on Commons, you should
have a simple way of reaching this (
_traditional_sailboat.jpg ) page. At present you have to
copy and paste the image file name on the Wikipedia URL
and I find this quite awkward. Copying and pasting this
file name in the search box should be a means available,
like for any other Wikipedia page.

folengo wrote: this is the tiny url for the
above link.

A check for 'go' searches would be pretty easy. For full-text search, harder.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Have a look on to see how this could work.

folengo wrote:

A new "check usage" tab is now available on every
image page of Commons. So this bug report can be

brianna.laugher wrote:

CheckUsage still relies on the toolserver. This bug can be cancelled when
CheckUsage is made into a native part of MediaWiki.

ayg wrote:

*** Bug 8306 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Exact-matches via 'Go' work at present, but if it goes into the full-text search, images from Commons will only turn up if:

a) You've checked "images" namespace to turn up to begin with, and

b) A local description page has been created so it turns up in the local search index

For the Lucene search, it may be possible to somehow query both indexes (but I'm not sure that would work sensibly); otherwise it probably would just require building information from both sources into a single index. This might be easier for the Lucene search, which has index updates done in bulk, than for the default MediaWiki MySQL search backend, where updates are done to the local index on page change.

rainman wrote:

Yep, doing that with our lucene-based backend is fairly easy. It's implemented in the 2.1 branch.

rainman wrote:

Last bit fixed in r42352. Will be effective for wikis that switched to new search servers upon scap.

Some notes on r42352; functionality looks good (though should be double-checked in a Commons-like configuration) but the UI needs some polish.

rainman wrote:

I've tested it on my local conf which mirrors commons settings from CommonSettings.php. UI looks fairly sane to me, but then again, I'm pretty horrible in UI design. Any particular thoughts about it?

rainman wrote:

*** Bug 16238 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

rainman wrote:

This has been reverted a while ago. Reopening.

rainman wrote:

Another attempt at this in r43196, now only with changes related to this bug...