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Provide an additional link for [[Special:Userlogin?type=signup]] on top right
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

In [[MediaWiki:Userlogin]] there could be provided a parameter $1 that would
allow to directly link to "../Special:Userlogin?type=signup", too.
Have a look on [[wikt:de:Wiktionary]] or [[als:Wikipedia]] to see how it could
look like (currently JavaScript is used there).

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Severity: minor



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It would probably be best to finish separating the two forms to two separate
special pages.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Yes, and then there could also be [[MediaWiki:Usersignup]] ("Create an account")
that would appear next to [[MediaWiki:Userlogin]] ("Log in"), am I right?

No, that would be a waste for something that only gets used once.