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&shy is filtered out?
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can it be that after one of the last updates ­s are filtered out? The templates of the German mainpage use shys, but AFAIS they no longer work. The wikitext

"Aufgrund der vielen Vor­teile, die die Rad­fahrer im Verkehr genießen, gewann die Stadt bereits mehr­mals den ''Fahrrad­klimatest'' des ADFC."

is converted in HTML

"Aufgrund der vielen Vor­teile, die die Rad­fahrer im Verkehr genießen, gewann die Stadt bereits mehr­mals den <i>Fahrrad­klimatest</i> des ADFC.".

It worked before. &nbsp;s are working too. Can somebody please check if there was a recent patch that brook it?


Version: 1.24rc
Severity: normal



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Which exact template? Link welcome.

(In reply to Andre Klapper from comment #1)

Which exact template? Link welcome. for example.


Special:Expandtemplates does not strip them, but they don't appear in final output. Special:Expandtemplates does tidy now, so I'm not sure what other step the main output would go through.

Also testing at [[de:Benutzer:Bawolff/testshy]]

The soft hyphens are in fact in the output, just decoded (as the UTF-8 bytes C2 AD). Here's a hex dump of the second quote from this report's description:

0000000: 4175 6667 7275 6e64 2064 6572 2076 6965  Aufgrund der vie
0000010: 6c65 6e20 566f 72c2 ad74 6569 6c65 2c20  len Vor..teile, 
0000020: 6469 6520 6469 6520 5261 64c2 ad66 6168  die die Rad..fah
0000030: 7265 7220 696d 2056 6572 6b65 6872 2067  rer im Verkehr g
0000040: 656e 6965 c39f 656e 2c20 6765 7761 6e6e  enie..en, gewann
0000050: 2064 6965 2053 7461 6474 2062 6572 6569   die Stadt berei
0000060: 7473 206d 6568 72c2 ad6d 616c 7320 6465  ts mehr..mals de
0000070: 6e20 3c69 3e46 6168 7272 6164 c2ad 6b6c  n <i>Fahrrad..kl
0000080: 696d 6174 6573 743c 2f69 3e20 6465 7320  imatest</i> des 
0000090: 4144 4643 2e                             ADFC.

This is also the case on my test wiki as well as on dewiki. So is there anything to fix?

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Sorry, I forgot to close this bug.