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Local/Geographic User Messages
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Author: gschriss

Similar to the WMF Fundraising messages, a MediaWiki feature to show localized
messages at the top of pages. Users would volunteer geographic information
during account creation and sysops would be able to edit the displayed message.
Also implement a `seen' feature to remove the message once read.


"Welcome, USERNAME. The next Wiki Meetup for the Dallas area will be April 12.
To RSVP... "

"Your city has declared a state of emergency --- Please contribute to the
wikinews article on ARTICLENAME"

"A new law that affects the Wikimedia Foundation is under consideration in your
state government. Please CONTACT your representative or learn more HERE"

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

The whole appeal of accounts is that they can be created quickly and anonymously
with no personal information at all.

gschriss wrote:

I agree, but it is a voluntary action that retains anonymity. Users also
volunteer email addresses.

gschriss wrote:

On second thought, site notices are starting to bug me. -George