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Email notification not working
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Author: romain.pelissier

I am trying to setup my mediawiki to enable the email notification when a page
is on a user's watch list but I cannot making working.
I have also try all what I can and I need a little help.
Please, dont reply with 'google email notification' because I already done that.

My php.ini has a valid smtp entry with a valid email server host name
I know that I can send some emails with this server to my email server because

bugzilla is also installed on this server and it can send emails.

I have try to update my localsettings.php file with that

$wgSMTP = array(

"host" => '',
"IDHost" => '',
"port" => "25",
"auth" => false,

#"username" => 'user',
#"password" => 'password'
Still nothing ...

I have try a hack saying to update the usermailer.php file and changing

		$adminAddress = 'WikiAdmin <' . $wgEmergencyContact . '>';


		$adminAddress = $wgEmergencyContact;

but still no luck

I have also find that their his a mediawiki hack/extension that can add some

email features to mediawiki but the author says that enotif will no longer be
updated. Even on the server on spurceforge for this project the version is
listes (for 1.5.7) but nobody can download it : a message says that a new
version will come soon (don't understand that one because the author says that
he will no longer support or update enotif and that most features are now
integrated with mediawiki ...)

Please can you help with that ?
I have read most of the online docs on this subject and still have no luck ..
Also, can you tell me if the enhanced of enotif will be merge in a future
version of mediawiki ?

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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romain.pelissier wrote:

My localsettings.php file


robchur wrote:

Is MediaWiki configured to use email authentication and if so, is the user's
email address authenticated? This specific behaviour is controlled via a user
preference. Is it switched on?

Confirm that the emails are not being sent. You might not need to use the SMTP
sending functions at all, so stick to the builtins unless certain. Check PHP
error logs et. al. to find out if there are errors being raised when mail() is

If the emails are being sent but the mail client is configured to block or
bounce them for whatever reason, this will also interfere; check that.

What is your procedure for testing?

  1. Keep in mind that you will not receive email notifications for your own edits. Another user account must make the


  1. Keep in mind that you will not receive any notifications unless you enable this option in your user preferences.

Please check to confirm that it's set.

  1. Confirm that the address is set correctly.
  2. Confirm that you can successfully use other email features, such as the user-to-user email ('email this user' link /


  1. Check your mail server's log to confirm that mails are going through.

romain.pelissier wrote:

I have rolled back the settings to a more standard one (meaning removing any
changes that I have made on localsettings.php and usermailer.php.
Then, I have set :
$wgEmailAuthentication = true
The user have the settings :

Your email address was authenticated on 22:10, 3 March 2006.

Send me an email on page changes = yes
Send me an email when my user talk page is changed = yes

The main page is on the user watchlist
If I change something on the main page, still have no email ...

My server has some spam filter but it does not delete them, only put them in a
email cient junk folder.
I use Outlook 2000 and there is no junk email filter on it.

For the php error log ... can you tell me how to find them or to enable them
please ? Thanks
I will try to create another user and test with it.

I see that when a user is editing something he is not self notifying for the
change ? hmmm that could be problem, I will check that right now and let you
know. But, why a user can receive an email when he is edting something ? Is
there a way to enable that anyway ?

romain.pelissier wrote:

Ok that works now.
I am sorry for this bug entry but I have never seens anywhere that a user is not
self emailed when it does an edit.
Still that it could be nive that we could activate this behaviour somewhere.

(In reply to comment #5)

Ok that works now.
I am sorry for this bug entry but I have never seens anywhere that a user is not
self emailed when it does an edit.
Still that it could be nive that we could activate this behaviour somewhere.

Why should you receive a notification for what you've edited a couple of
microseconds before ?

YOu can change this behaviour in line 214 in UserMailer.php

	  	  	   // Send updates to watchers other than the current editor
 214 : 	  	  	  $userCondition = 'wl_user <> ' . intval( $wgUser->getId() );

romain.pelissier wrote:

make sense ... feel stupid now ... LOL !!!! Sorry again guys, thank you very
much for your help (or for making me thinking that I need holidays !)