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Request for [[special:WrongSyntax]]
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Author: gangleri


Beside the examples mentioned at
Bug 885: Silent insertion of code by the parser
MediaWiki can detect a lot of syntax errors as the one described at
Bug 2702: The parser will fail to match tags on input like ''[
Similar examples can (probably) be found via

If people want to know what happens in a wiki, how many times inproper syntax
was used by "User Joe" and others there is no mechanism known to me today which
can provide an answer.

An extension could log syntax anomalies in a new table where the revision_id
(not the associated title) is stored together with the list of errorcodes.
[[special:WrongSyntax]] should list the (unsolved) revisions, should flag
"current revisions", provide links to history and to diff's with the current

A mechanism like the one used to patroll edits should allow (persons having this
rigth) removing revision_id's from the table (alternatively flag them as resolved).

Syntax validation might / should be available when editing. Via
[[special:Preferences]] users should be able to enable a "Validate" button or
not. The default setting should be "disabeled" or selectable in LocalSettings.php.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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