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Diffs over multiple edits versus single edits not easily distinguished
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Author: emddudley

There should be some note or other indication when one is viewing a diff over
multiple edits versus over a single edit.

When doing a diff over several revisions in an article's history, such as in the
provided URL, the diff view looks identical to a diff over a single edit. In the
provided diff URL, it appears that Naconkantari added nonsense to the article,
when in actuality there were several edits by other authors between the
revisions being compared.

This can be problematic because many people assume that links to diffs are for
only a single edit, unless otherwise informed.

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Severity: normal



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tifego- wrote:

Note that it's different editors, not different edits, that is the bigger problem; when all the edits in a row were by
the same user, it might as well be one edit, but when other people edited in-between it can be misleading because the
diff only shows the name of the last contributor.

tifego- wrote:

My suggestion for fixing this is simple: Instead of saying

Naconkantari (Talk | contribs)

that edit diff should say

Naconkantari (Talk | contribs) and 3 others

r18194 adds the number of intervening revisions to the diff view. I have not
added the number of distinct editors, since I'd expect it to be harder on the
database, and the semantics are somewhat harder to define. (Should the editors
of both of the endpoint revisions be excluded? Only one? Neither?)

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