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Update the rollback message ("revertpage") in English
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Author: rotemliss

"revertpage" message in English Wikipedia includes:

  • A link to the contributions of the reverted user.
  • A link to his talk page.
  • A link to the last editor user name.

I suggest to include it also in global Messages.php (already in MessagesHe.php,
translated of course). The text is: "Reverted edit of
[[User:Contributions/$2|$2]] ([[User talk: $2|Talk]]), changed back to last
version by [[User:$1|$1]]".

Please change it in both trunk and REL1_6.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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rotemliss wrote:

Patch (trunk)

By the way, I've detected some typos in the bug initial comment; fixed in the

attachment 1.patch ignored as obsolete

rotemliss wrote:

Patch v2 (trunk)

Strange new-line marks fixed.


rotemliss wrote:

Patch (REL1_6)


rotemliss wrote:

No review needed – it's just a new, improved message, copied from English
Wikipedia. Just check it in please.

robchur wrote:

Updated the message but did a little grammatical correction too; SVN trunk,
r13673 and backported.

rotemliss wrote:

Reopening – the SVN is now using "([[User_talk:$2|$2]])" instead of
"([[User_talk:$2|Talk]])", please fix. (Now trivial instead of enchanment,
because the vandal user name is wrongly shown, instead of "Talk".)

Please fix it also in REL1_6, because the original fix was backported.

robchur wrote:

Fixed in SVN trunk, r14057.