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update procedure for special pages needs more transparency
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Author: srbauer

Most special pages deliver only cached content, mostly updated every few days
but sometimes there is no update for quite a long time - e.g. for nearly 4 weeks
in march and now for more than a week. This fact is more than annoying for

Most no-update-periods are after outages when the side was down. I hope there
are reasons for not updating - but sometimes I have the feeling they are just

There should be more transparency for these aspects:

  • First the timestamp for the last update should be added to the special pages
  • Second there should be given reasons why these pages are not updated

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

First, the timestamp will be present on all cached data sets as of the next
update. Second, the updates are scheduled on a regular basis; this is of course
going to be interrupted if the servers kick the bucket. The reason for the
caching is that of performance and load; some of the queries used to produce
those reports would kill our slaves if run on each view.