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Add a $1 parameter to [[Mediawiki:Searchnoresults]]
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Author: pete

It would be useful to suggest to readers that they search for the same term
other Wikimedia projects when their search on the current project fails.

To do this we would need to access the searched-for string in
[[Mediawiki:Searchnoresults]]. Please could you make it available as a "$1

Many thanks,

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Severity: enhancement



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pete wrote:

Oddly the sister message to this message, [[Mediawiki:Nogomatch]], already has a
$1 parameter and is editable using wikitext.
[[Mediawiki:Searchnoresults]] still requires HTML and has no parameters. As the
former is used when a user presses the go button, and the latter when pressing
the search button, it seems to makes sense to have these work in a similar way
to each other.

robchur wrote:

Added to Lucene extension in SVN trunk, r14061.

Three parameters are now passed to the message, as follows:

$1 - Plain search terms
$2 - Search terms with spaces escaped via underscores
$3 - URL-encoded search terms

[Merging "MediaWiki extensions/Lucene Search" into "Wikimedia/lucene-search2", see bug 46542. You can filter bugmail for: search-component-merge-20130326 ]