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Namespaces for nds-nl
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Author: servien

Can someone change the namespaces as soon as possible they are below:

I assume that in comment 0 you ask for the following modification to
*LanguageNds_nl.php* :

/* private */ $wgNamespaceNamesNds_nl = array(
NS_MEDIA => 'Media',
NS_SPECIAL => 'Speciaol',
NS_MAIN => '',
NS_TALK => 'Overleg',
NS_USER => 'Gebruker',
NS_USER_TALK => 'Overleg_gebruker',
NS_PROJECT => $wgMetaNamespace,
NS_PROJECT_TALK => 'Overleg_' . $wgMetaNamespace,
NS_IMAGE => 'Ofbeelding',
NS_IMAGE_TALK => 'Overleg_ofbeelding',
NS_MEDIAWIKI => 'MediaWiki',
NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK => 'Overleg_MediaWiki',
NS_TEMPLATE => 'Sjabloon',
NS_TEMPLATE_TALK => 'Overleg_sjabloon',
NS_HELP => 'Help',
NS_HELP_TALK => 'Overleg_help',
NS_CATEGORY => 'Categorie',
NS_CATEGORY_TALK => 'Overleg_categorie'

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
Platform: Macintosh



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robchur wrote:

Added in SVN trunk, r14092.

servien wrote:

Hi, can someone tell me howcome the changes haven't gone into effect yet? The
skin names have been changed, but the namespaces still remain in the old
version... could someone look into this please :) thanks in advance!

robchur wrote:

*** Bug 6007 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

robchur wrote:

Tim Starling did a bit of poking about for me and discovered that the accessor
function was missing from the language file. Whoops. I've added it in SVN trunk,
r14285. This should be resolved on next sync.

servien wrote:

Thanks so much! :)