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Simplify anchors in [[special:Allmessages]] when uselang is used
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Author: gangleri


Please go to at
to section "anchors at special:Allmessages using uselang"

It shows diffrent links with anchors in this wiki with Finnish as content language.

The anchor syntax is quite "complex"

  1. special:Allmessages|uselang=en#msg_april/en · is OK
  2. special:Allmessages|uselang=ru#msg_april/ru · is OK
  3. special:Allmessages|uselang=yi#msg_april/yi · is OK
  4. special:Allmessages|uselang=fi#msg_april · without "/fi" · is OK
  5. special:Allmessages|uselang=fi#msg_april/fi · with "/fi" · will fail

Please simplify the anchors that way the no "/foo" should be required as a sufix
for the anchor (with the exception that this sufix is not allowed wenn /foo is
the content language).

Thanks in advance!

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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Severity: trivial



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