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{{ns:foo talk}} without an underscore should render as {{ns:foo_talk}}
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Author: gangleri


{{ns:project talk}} is evaluated as a page in the template namespace.

I assume that the usage of {{ns:}} would be more easy for newbies if spaces
would be converted to underscores automatically.

It might be that during the past they rendered the same but maybe I am wrong.

{{localurl:project talk:foo}} renders as {{localurl:project_talk:foo}} and
{{fullurl:category talk:bar}} renders as {{fullurl:category_talk:foo}}

They handle FULLPAGENAME but the namespace name is a part of FULLPAGENAME anyhow.

As part of FULLPAGENAME the namespaces are case insensitive so
[[pRoJecT:Village_pump]] has the same target as [[project:Village_pump]]. At
least in English because of
Bug 5047: Support for UTF-8 characters in {{lc:}}, {{uc:}}, {{lcfirst:}} and

For consistency
{{ns:pRoJecT talk}} should / might be evaluated as {{ns:project_talk}}.

Not shure if
{{foo|any_paramater=bar}} with a underscore
would render differently then
{{foo|any paramater=bar}} with a space

This is a similar situation as the main request for this report. If you like
please open another request. I thing that it does not make sense to use
paramters with similar names with the only difference that one are using
underscores and the other spaces.

best regards

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Severity: minor



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robchur wrote:

Fixed in SVN trunk, r15138.