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Limiting the effect of entries in the spam blacklist to some wikis only
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Having one global spam blacklist ([[meta:Spam blacklist]]) for all MediaWiki-powered wikis on the Internet is
difficult. It would be useful to have an option of limiting the effect of some entries to e.g. only Wikimedia sites
(or the other way around, to all except Wikimedia sites).

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A quick draft of an implementation

An implementation (probably not perfect) of such behavior:

Every blacklist entry can be marked with a special comment (beginning with an
exclamation mark) which limits its effect to either ONLY sites matching a given
regexp, or to all EXCEPT sites matching that regexp.

spammer1\.example\.org #!+$ # this spammer is blacklisted
only on *

This has the advantage of being at least basically backwards-compatible (sites
using old version of SpamBlacklist still work filtering all entries ignoring
the comments).


I've instead created a local whitelist, which local admins
can edit at MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist. It's in the same format
as the main blacklist.