Create Appendix namespace on English Wikipedia
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Author: William.Allen.Simpson

Reference lists are constantly being proposed for deletion. They don't
seem to be well-liked in "(main)", nor in "Wikipedia:" (largely
administrative), and would be warping "Portal:" from the current usage.
Yet, anybody with familiarity of an actual paper encyclopedia knows
that reference lists are encyclopedic. The solution over at Wiktionary
appears to be adding an Appendix: namespace for reference lists, about
6 months ago.

(brought here at Rob's suggestion)

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Severity: enhancement


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robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

(brought here at Rob's suggestion)

Brought here because I informed the user that this is where such requests need
to go, not because I endorse it or suggested it in the first place.

leon wrote:

I'd say that you first should ask the community about that, no?

William.Allen.Simpson wrote:

It was brought here from the Village Pump, where the few comments were uniformly
positive, and taken there from discussion on various Wikipedia talk pages where
it had been originally proposed, noting the previous Wiktionary solution.

river wrote:

i see discussion here:
Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)/Archive#Appendix_namespace where people were
opposed to creating this namespace. was it discussed somewhere else?

river wrote:

closing this as there's no clear consensus from the community.

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