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Add Portal namespace to Italian Wikinews
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Author: tooby87

Good evening.
I'm an admin on italian wikinews (
We need to activate a new namespace (named "Portale"), already on in english
wikinews (see also Developer Domas
redirected me here.
Thanks for your help.

Giovanni De Mizio AKA Tooby

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

The term is systems administrator.

tooby87 wrote:

(Hope her is the right place where to ask :) )

marcozampo wrote:

For me it's all right...

tooby87 wrote:

I'm Tooby, sysop and bureaucrat on italian Wikinews.

Today I tried to move a page from "Ambiente" to "Portale:Ambiente". Before
moving, articles were 2270, now they are 2269. The same thing happened some
weeks ago, when I moved "Italia" to "Portale:Italia". However, namespace
"Portale" doesn't exist in [[Special:Allpages]].

How could it be possible?

Thank you.

Tooby AKA Giovanni De Mizio