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Discussion page for Tuebingen article offers to create the article
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Author: qldmzm202

I viewed the article on Tuebingen. The title of the article is "Tubingen" with
an umlaut on the "u". When I clicked on the "Discussion" tab, I got a page that
claimed that an article with that name does not exist -- would I like to create
it? Yet clearly, the article does exist.

I don't know what is wrong here, but I suspect that it is the umlaut in the
title that has confused things.

By the way, if you just type "Tubingen" in the search box of the main page, you
get a different URL: but the content
appears identical to the one listed above. If you click on the discussion tab,
you get to this URL:
where you can see that Tubingen is spelled with an umlaut C3. At this point,
clicking on the "article" tab takes you to the URL with C3 listed above.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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wiki.bugzilla wrote:

Tubingen is a redirect to Tübingen
T%C3%BCbingen is the umlaut URL encoding for Tübingen

everything's ok

qldmzm202 wrote:

I am aware that it is a redirect. My original point still holds: there is no
way to access a discussion page for that article!

ayg wrote:

Certainly there is. The discussion page for [[Tubingen]] is at
[[Talk:Tubingen]] and does not exist; the discussion page for [[Tübingen]] is at
[[Talk:Tübingen]] and also does not exist. The articles exist, their discussion
pages do not.