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HTML validation fails when $wgUseTrackbacks = true in LocalSettings.php
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Author: nickpj

When $wgUseTrackbacks = true in the LocalSettings.php, then the HTML for an

article view will contain this in the header area:

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""



dc:title="Main Page"
trackback:ping="" />


However, when validating this page using the W3C's web form ( ), this causes 9 errors, namely:

  1. Error Line 25 column 19: there is no attribute "xmlns:rdf".
  2. Error Line 26 column 18: there is no attribute "xmlns:dc".
  3. Error Line 27 column 25: there is no attribute "xmlns:trackback".
  4. Error Line 27 column 80: element "rdf:RDF" undefined.
  5. Error Line 29 column 13: there is no attribute "rdf:about".
  6. Error Line 30 column 17: there is no attribute "dc:identifier".
  7. Error Line 31 column 12: there is no attribute "dc:title".
  8. Error Line 32 column 18: there is no attribute "trackback:ping".
  9. Error Line 32 column 78: element "rdf:Description" undefined.

I know very little about RDF, but is it maybe possible to do the same thing in a
way that keeps the W3C validator happy?

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: trivial



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Fixed in r32320. The trackback spec recommends putting the RDF XML inside an HTML comment... awful from an XML perspective, but it seems to be 'the thing' for these silly RDF bits. :)