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Pages can be edited with an oldid from another page
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Author: michael.billington

When a person reverts a page (without having admin rollback), they are editing
an older version of the page. If you change the oldid in the address bar of your
browser, you can effectively copy the contents of another page onto the page you
are editing. (I'm not sure if this is good or bad) This, when combined with a
bug in a vandal-fighting programme, caused a pretty odd revision to the main page:
It can easily be replicated in my sandbox, see below link:

My thinking is that it should only allow you to edit a page with an oldid from
the same page, or maybe it should give you a different banner at the top of the
page instead of the usual "You are editing a prior version of this page. If you
save it, any changes made since this version will be removed." Any thoughts?

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wmahan_04 wrote:

Possible fix

Here is a fix, assuming that the new check doesn't
break any valid cases.

It raises another issue though: if a completely
bogus oldid is entered when editing a page, the
error message is displayed inside the edit form.
The page can still be saved, replacing the
article text with the error message. So the fix
probably wouldn't do anything to stop a bot gone


The fix is bad. It still allows them to be edited, except instead of giving an
error message, it puts the error message IN the textbox. This is unacceptable.

Fixed this in r23483 (cf related issue bug 10377).