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Users getting logged in as someone else
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Author: dejan.papez

Some months ago a user choose to register himself on Slovenian Wikipedia as User:IP 213.
As this name seems unambiguous enough, the community decided that he is allowed to use
it. However, at certain times other users get accidentally logged in with his username.

This is not related to using a shared computer. IMO this probably has something to do
with the software recognizing his username as an IP address. I have advised him to use
another name.

At the other hand, I may be well mistaken. He says he has been accidentally logged in as
someone else on the English Wikipedia. However, there is no user IP 213 there and some
time ago he said he had chosen to not register in that project.

To protect the privacy of users, this problem needs to be located correctly and fixed as
soon as possible.

You may contact IP 213 at

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Severity: critical



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ayg wrote:

His username is not relevant. You can tell him he can keep it.

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