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undefined constant DPL2_WARN_WRONGCOUNT
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Author: h-j.luecking

Apache Log:

PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant DPL2_WARN_WRONGCOUNT - assumed
/srv/www/htdocs/mediawiki_shared/extensions/DynamicPageList2.i18n.php on line 192

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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cyril.dangerville wrote:

Yes, I replaced DPL2_WARN_WRONGCOUNT with DPL2_WARN_WRONGPARAM_INT in the code.
Except for English (en), I did not make the changes for all languages
accordingly. (I speak neither hebrew (he) or dutch (nl).) See the logs on SVN
for all the last changes made to the extension messages:

So, to fix it, at line 192 or so, you need to replace DPL2_WARN_WRONGCOUNT with
DPL2_WARN_WRONGPARAM_INT and provide the appropriate translation for the
language. Use the English ('en' key) message as a reference. You can also wait
for some other dutch-speaking user to do it. It seems rotem (Rotem Liss?) is
quite on top of this, by seeing the logs.

When this is done, you are welcome to make the changes to the source on the SVN
repository, or give the translation (a patch would be better) and we will make
the changes to the source. Thanks.

rotemliss wrote:

I speak Hebrew and update this translation when I get the message about your
updates, but I don't speak Dutch and cannot update this translation if I someone
else doesn't translate it – I added the Dutch translation form Bug 7063, however
it was not updated since then. There are three possible ways:

  1. You can comment the lines which use a removed constant when you change it,

then I will update Hebrew and won't touch Dutch.

  1. I can comment the lines which use a removed constant when I update the Hebrew


  1. You can convert the messages to use normal names, with constants, like all

the other messages. It may be the best solution.
Anyway, I commented the message of Dutch in r16427, therefore this error is not
shown anymore.