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Wrong server time and timestamp in Parser.php and SpecialPreferences.php
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Author: lila-pather


{{CURRENTTIME}} and {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} shows the wrong server time. The
problem is in the file 'includes/Parser.php'. This variables are filled by the
function 'wfTimestamp()' with 'gmmkdate()' which returns a date of GMT, but my
server is in germany (GMT +02:00). All other variables e.g. CURRENTDAY are
filled by normal date function which return the correct server time.

local server time: 09/09/2006 0:30
{{CURRENTTIME}} = 22:30 - wrong
{{CURRENTDAY}} = 9 - right
{{CURRENTMONTH}} = 09 - right

Fix in the Parser.php

  • return $varCache[$index] = $wgContLang->time( wfTimestamp( TS_MW, $ts ),

false, false );
+ return $varCache[$index] = $wgContLang->time( date( 'YmdHis', $ts ), false,
false );


  • return $varCache[$index] = wfTimestampNow();

+ return $varCache[$index] = date( 'YmdHis', $ts );

The same problem is on the user preferences.
Fix in the SpecialPreferences.php

  • $nowserver = $wgLang->time( $now, false );

+ $nowserver = $wgLang->time( date( 'YmdHis', time() ), false );

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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rotemliss wrote:

It may be a duplicate of Bug 366, but I don't think so, as all the other
{{CURRENTx}} variables use the server time, not GMT ({{LOCALx}} even use
$wgLocaltimezone, and never use GMT).

About the preferences, it's not a bug: $nowserver should be GMT in the
preferences page.

lila-pather wrote:

Ok, you can set the bug invalid, but there is still a bug. Today I took the last
trunk version 1.8alpha to verify if the bug is fixed. If I understand it
correctly, then {{CURRENT*}} should indicate the UTC and {{LOCAL*}} the local
server time.

The bug is correct fixed only if you set $wgLocaltimezone.

Otherwise e.g. you receives this:

{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} 20060909220135 - correct
{{LOCALTIMESTAMP}} 20060910000135 - correct
{{CURRENTDAY}} 10 - incorrect
{{LOCALDAY}} 10 - correct
{{CURRENTDOW}} 0 - incorrect
{{LOCALDOW}} 0 - correct
{{CURRENTHOUR}} 00 - incorrect
{{LOCALHOUR}} 00 - correct
{{CURRENTTIME}} 22:01 - correct
{{LOCALTIME}} 00:01 - correct

About the preferences: ok, it's not a bug it's a inexactly german translation.