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A CSS class for 'blue' links.
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I would like a CSS class for blue wikified links comparable to the "new" class
for red links. This would facilitate hiding already created entries from wanted
lists and requests lists, as well as long pages of "to be entered" material.

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ayg wrote:

Proposed patch

Patch adds class "existing" to blue links. Seems to work as expected on my


Brion mentioned that there may have, at one point, been a class on blue links
and it was stripped out of wikimedia installs for bloating reasons. Anyone have
information on that?

The 'internal' class on plain wiki links was removed long ago as it a) provides nothing additional and b) bloats up the HTML output by adding onto every dang link.

skizzerz wrote:

This is already doable via CSS, although a back-door method is needed to get the functionality. Something like the following in your MediaWiki:Common.css should generate the functionality you desire:

.hideinternal a { display: none; }
.hideinternal { display: inline !important; }
/* shows external/interwiki links too */
.hideinternal a.external { display: inline !important; }
.hideinternal a.extiw { display: inline !important; }

Closing this as WONTFIX per comments 3 and 4.