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open function tries to send query even if there is no connection
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Author: wiki

the function tries to make a connection and check if this was successfull. If
not, it reports an error using "wfDebug".
So far ok.
Problem: even if connection wasn't successfull it will triy to send "SET NAMES
utf8" to the server, which throws an exception.

Solution: only send if connection successfull, in other case it makes no sens...

if ( !$success ) {


} else {

global $wgDBmysql5;
if( $wgDBmysql5 ) {
  // Tell the server we're communicating with it in UTF-8.
  // This may engage various charset conversions.
  $this->query( 'SET NAMES utf8' );


Result: Installation successfull!

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: trivial
Platform: PC



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