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Mainpage getting wrongly directed to blank pages at three Marathi language wiki projects mr-wikisource, mr-wikibooks, mr-wikiquote
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There is a serious problem has come at ; and the pages are getting suddenly getting linked at blank page as mainpage. Visitors are getting diected to 'मुखपृष्ठ (This has got unwanted single inverted coma on the left) where as visitor needs to reach only मुखपृष्ठ (without any inverted coma)

I tried to search at translate wiki . Probably this one is a wrong edit causing the problem. The edit summary at translate wiki says see but I do not find any relation of mr projects with bug no T92814.

Please help us restore main pages of above projects at the earliest

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Just correct the translation. You can create [[MediaWiki:Mainpage]] locally with the correct title.

I am sysop at mr-wikisource and so changed [[MediaWiki:Mainpage]] at mr wikisource. But rest are remaining. rgds edit has also been reverted