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rollback administrative function logs reversions as "minor edit" on WP
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Author: michael

Hopefully this is the right place for this comment. I am not a WP admin, so I do
not have access to this function. However, a WP admin politely informed me of
thiss behavior after I left him a reminder on his talk page about marking
reversions as minor edits (which contradicts WP guidelines).

According to the admin (see bottom of my talk page), the rollback function that
is available to admins marks reversions as minor edits.

Unfortunately, peons like me have no way of knowing which edits are rollbacks
and which ones are people possibly trying to sneak a reversion in as a minor edit.

So, if possible -- especially if easy -- could someone please modify the
behavior of the rollback function so it is in line with WP guidelines on minor


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michael wrote:

Um... never mind. I was being a bonehead.