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Option to hide categories which don't have a page in Special:Categories
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There is Special:Categories that shows all of the categories but there is about
5-8% of thise categories dont exist they are red linked categories that are
populated but the page for them does not exist. could you add a Special page
that identifies these as there are many categories that need taken care of
Either emptied or have the page created, and manualy looking 1,000 categories
at a time is very laborious and repetitve. and needs to be re looked though a
lot and there are +170,000 categories to look though.

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Severity: enhancement



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that is not what I am requesting
In it lists every populated
category. 5-8% of those populated categories do not exist (they are redlinked).
Is there a away that you could extract those from

robchur wrote:

You *mean* that you want to hide categories from Special:Categories where the
corresponding category page does *not* exist?

I want to Identify all categories that do *not* exist yet are populated
the category has pages in it yet the page for the cat was never created the
category is redlinked yet has pages categorized in it.

robchur wrote:

Then you *do* want Special:Wantedcategories, from comment 1.

Kinda, as that shows some of the redlinked cats. that also shows some created
cats. and it does not have them in any order.

robchur wrote:

Well, as the message at the top states, it's cached. Ordering might be something
we can tweak, though.