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preceeding whitespace in [[...]] breaks subpages and should be trimmed
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Author: spambox

Linking to a subpage /like this or /like this puts the page in Main
due to the preceeding whitespace.

Yes, this is extremely bad style, but the software should be smarter than to
create a non-subpage potentially in the wrong namespace when newbies are likely
to make this error.

In fact, I can see no good reason at all for NOT trimming pre and post
whitespace from poorly formed wikilinks like this, unless the style is
considered so bad that the links should simply not work at all. In either case,
the current non-trimming system is a bad idea.

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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spambox wrote:

Output of Special:Version from the wiki where this is happening -- -- I have also tested and confirmed this on a wiki
with fewer extensions running 1.7.1 on the same webhost.

  1. : 1.7.1
  2. PHP: 5.1.2 (cgi-fcgi)
  3. MySQL: 4.1.14-Debian_5-log
  4. Extensions:
    • Other: o Bad Behavior (version 2.0.6), Detects and blocks unwanted Web

accesses, by Michael Hampton

      o SpamBlacklist by Tim Starling 
* Extension functions:
      o bb2_mediawiki_entry, ceSetup, wfassExtension and wfNamespacePermissions 
* Parser extension tags:
      o <adsensesearch> and <pre>
  1. Hooks:
    • AbortNewAccount: (SimpleCaptcha, confirmUserCreate)
    • EditFilter: (SimpleCaptcha, confirmEdit)
    • ParserAfterTidy: bb2_mediawiki_timer
    • UserCreateForm: (SimpleCaptcha, injectUserCreate)
    • userCan: namespacePermissionsCheckNamespace

jimmy.collins wrote:

Fixed in r16674.