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Interwiki links name for
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Author: wikipediaromana

Please change the name for the interwiki links that send to from "Armâneashti" to the
correct form "Armãneashce" (the second a is a with tilde,
just like in portuguese). See for example the list of
interwiki at
that lists the incorrect link to the .
The correct official name of the language is "Armãneashce".

Also should be moved to because the code "rup" was asigned to
Aromanian language in the ISO 639-2 standard (and ISO 639-3
also). Prior to the existence of this code we used the ISO
639-2 code for Romance languages (roa) together with the SIL
code for the language (SIL), that resulted in http://roa- . But now, as there is a separate code for
Aromanian language, this Wikipedia should pe moved to .

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Severity: normal



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river wrote:

changed the language name, please open a new bug for renaming the project.