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Author: walter

Currently the domain, owned by the WMF points to a placeholder.
And this while there is a real project of the WMF with that name active. And
this on the domain

Please redirect that domain to that project

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Severity: enhancement

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Nope, not working. Clicked wrong link. :)

Still waiting on the nameservers to get updated.

walter wrote:

Does still does not work. Takes to long to be a matter of DNS-update

walter wrote:

Hello - still does not work

We still don't have control of this domain. Sigh.

notafishz wrote:

This is not a bug. Taken care of by the office, this is about renewal. It will
still take a while to be fixed, but it's in the pipe. Ping me if it hasn't
happened in a month from now. :P

anthere wrote:

Prems prems. This was over 4 months ago. So ? :-)

notafishz wrote:

So... we're working on it and not doing a very good job of it. I'll grant you that. Ping me again in 2 weeks.

davidcraig5 wrote:

I have pinged Delphine again.

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I'm reopening this because seems to be broken. Has WMF succeeded in gaining control of this domain in 2007? Or did it drop off WMF's radar?

The domain has been under the Foundation's control since June 2013 (or at least WHOIS reports it as being so).

I'm CC-ing Daniel Zahn (@Dzahn), who I remember used to take care of similar requests in the past; as far as I know, a simple patch in operation/dns should do the trick, but might require filing a ticket with RT :-)

Change 207149 had a related patch set uploaded (by John F. Lewis):
add symlink>

JohnLewis subscribed.

From what I can see, redirects exist but the domain is non-existent in the DNS entries. Added it as a symlink to so the redirects will pick up and start working making the domain exist and work.

Change 207149 merged by Dzahn:
add symlink>

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11:56 < mutante> hey, guys
11:57 < mutante>
11:57 < mutante> look, it works
11:57 < mutante> literally just added it back after years


Confirmed that it's working. Thanks!