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Fatal error when clicking on tag which doesn't yet have workboard created
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Whenever I create a new tag and then click on it (thinking this will take me to the workboard creation page), I get the following error message when redirected to the tag URL (e.g., /tag/my-tag/):

pasted_file (238×1 px, 51 KB)

I am still able to create - and later view/use - a workboard for this tag without problems if I first go to the projects page in Phabricator,

pasted_file (90×409 px, 11 KB)

find my tag, and then click through to the workboard creation page.

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Thanks for taking the time to report this!

How is the tag exactly created (there are several ways to create projects)? In which view do you click on it?

And could you please paste error messages as text instead of images so search engines can find them? :)

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New changes to Sprint extension to match 8 April upstream in e04d2f17979a35f8dc3d645bfff422a2ada41dcd (HEAD). Updating to this commit will fix this

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