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add suport to translated Page prefix in ProofreadPage
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Currently ProofreadPage extension works only in "Page:" prefix. May be nice if
that extension allow translated variants of that term.

Example of current code:
(works, but this is the main namespace)
(don't work and this is the namespace 106 recently created on bug 7521;
Portuguese Wikisource don't have plans to start using this feature, this has
been requested to get enabled only to be more easy to use it in the future; in
anothers words, this isn't a emergencial request :) )

Best regards

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thomasV1 wrote:

it would be possible (and better) to use the namespace instead of the page title
in the code of the extension.

since the fr and en subdomains already use namespace 104, we would need other
subdomains to use the same. so the first thing to do is to move the 'Pagina'
namespace on pt from number 106 to 104. then we can modify the extension.

After some discussion on wikisource-l ThomasV has implemented this on the
r21350. Thanks! I tested it on a private install of MediaWiki and it has worked

Now I need only to the Wikisource gets synchronized to the current version
(current is under the r20145) but I know that are pending some big DB schema
updates and I can try to wait :)