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The User parameter of Special:Log is case sensitive
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Author: srbauer

If you type a lemma or a username in wikipedia the first character is normally
not case sensitive - when querying the log pages (tested with block) for users,
the query is case sensitive for the first character.

no result
correct return

This is no serious bug, but it is at least very confusing.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This bug was fixed by Tim Starling in r17300. FIXED.

srbauer wrote:

Hmm, the testcase mentioned above with lower case username still returns an
empty list - if the 4-days-old fix is active, then it didn't fix this problem.

rotemliss wrote:

This bug was not fixed - the fix is about the special page names, while this bug
is about the users parameter. I can still reproduce this bug both in hewiki and
my test wiki. Reopening and changing summary.