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Labs: puppetize stripe_cache_size tweaks on labstores
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This helped alleviate the pressure greatly on the 2015-04-13 labstore outage and needs to be made permanent.

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This isn't a real sysctl, and only becomes available once the devices are assembled. Given that setting the size is an idempotent operation, the easiest thing to do is to just do it every puppet run (otherwise we need to complicate things by making an event-base udev response to the appearance of a disk for no immediately obvious benefit).

Change 204932 had a related patch set uploaded (by coren):
Labs: set_strip_cache for labstores

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Labs: set_strip_cache for labstores

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Turns out puppet doesn't reliably run the script; this needs to be changed to cron.

Change 216976 had a related patch set uploaded (by coren):
Labs: move set-stripe-cache to cron

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