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Create on-wiki report of mentorship matches
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Currently, mentors receive a notification from HostBot when they are matched with an editor. However, other than that, there is no other record of who is matched up with whom. As mentors can and have been matched to multiple people over time, it might be helpful to have some way for them to easily check who they've been matched with. One idea is to generate a category, such as "Learners matched up with (mentor username)," so mentors can keep track of who they are matched up to. This information could be obtained from the "mentor" parameter in the learner profile, and a link to this category could be provided on the mentor's profile page.

Is it possible for HostBot to generate these categories based on the newly implemented "mentor" parameter in the learner profile?

See these comments from Anne Delong for reference for this suggestion:

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Why wouldn't mentors just keep track of this themselves, by creating a list of their current/former mentees?

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I had said as much in this comment, and I agree that mentors can probably take care of tracking that one their own.

That said, I believe I've misinterpreted the request. On a second read of those comments from Anne, I think she is actually asking about is some way to globally view all matches in The Co-op. That feature would definitely be nice and useful (e.g. it would provide a holistic view of the space, ), but I'm not sure we have the mechanisms in place to create such a page right now, do we?

That I think I can do at reasonable cost. We are tracking matches in a db table, so I can write a script to output an updated list in wikitext, like I used to do for Teahouse invites here: And since it's directly related to making matching work effectively, so it falls within my original set of duties for the project.

BTW, I un-assigned myself from this task a few minutes ago. If the solution I propose above works for you, I will re-assign myself to the task, but in future if there are new requests, best to add me as a subscriber rather than an assignee. Once we decide what needs to be done, we can decide who will do it ;)

@Capt_Swing I think that would work very nicely, so let's go for it. Would the list be comprehensive or would it need to be updated in a report-like manner at the Teahouse?

And thanks for letting me know about the conventions around assigning tasks-- I'll make sure to stick to the subscribers list for now. : )

@I_JethroBT I would probably set HostBot to update the list once a day. I'll put in a bot request for that once the code is working just to keep everything proper, but I don't anticipate it will be controversial.

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