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Default system messages don't show on MediaWiki pages.
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Author: aliter

Translating some of the system messages at wikt:fy:, I notice the default
messages don't show up on the MediaWiki pages, neither when viewing not when
editing. This does not make translating easier, because for each page one has to
switch to the enormous Allmessages page to get the default. In my recollection
this used to function differently.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: enhancement



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rotemliss wrote:

They are shown in most cases - see . The problem is
that system messages from extensions (e.g. Boardvote, CrossNamespaceLinks, see
complete list in Special:Version) are not always defined, as they are being
added only when the special page is used, or when it is needed to do so (e.g. in
Special:Allmessages) in special page extensions.

z9z8z-wps wrote:

That was supposed to be fixed in bug 740.

rotemliss wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

That was supposed to be fixed in bug 740.

  1. Things have been changed a lot since the bug was created.
  2. The problems are not related: in this bug, the default messages seemed to be

shown, but the messages were not listed in Special:Allmessages; here, they are
listed in Special:Allmessages, but the default messages are not shown in the pages.

  • Bug 8786 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Marking this bug as dupe to bug 13019 which was fixed 2 weeks ago.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 13019 ***