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Put a frame of a another page inside a wiki page
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Author: joaduo

The idea is to enable a faster navigations of the articles.

So consider the following screen
As you can see the Carnivora a triangle. (pointed by a red arrow, that should be
on the real case)
So if you click on tha triangle you get something like this
(also the red comments shouldnt be there :D)

So in the wiki language should look something like this
[[Carnivora<frame>]] or something better maybe?

The idea is not having to open too many pages to know the key articles to
understand the main article.
Besides it would be great to enable to open inside frames for wikipedia articles
an for extarnal pages
[ <frame>]

Well then there should be a policy to put this kind of links (not for every
link, but for the key ones)

I hope this is a good enhacement. Maybe it is not very compatible with all
todays browser, i dont know really.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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dto wrote:

FYI: [[WP:POPUP]] already exists, though it's not exactly what you are describing.

This doesn't really make any sense; articles are equally big, and you can trivially open in a new window or tab for the last