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Upgrade Analytics Cluster to CDH 5.4.0
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In order to workaround hive-parquet-spark timestamp field issues, we should upgrade to 5.4 as soon as possible. This will also get us the spark oozie action! :)

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Change 207462 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ottomata):
Mirror cdh5.4.0 in apt

This has been tested in labs and in vagrant, and an upgrade of the production cluster is scheduled for Monday.

I am starting this now. Here is the general plan:

# CDH 5.3.1 to CDH 5.4.0 upgrade

## Shutdown and backup

Stop puppet everywhere. apt-get update

Put namenode in safemode and take save namespace:
  sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -safemode enter
  sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -saveNamespace

Shutdown all services:
  salt "analytics*" 'for x in `cd /etc/init.d ; ls hadoop-*` ; do sudo service $x stop ; done; service impala-server stop'

  service hive-server2 stop
  service hive-metastore stop
  service oozie stop
  service hue stop

  service llama stop
  service impala-state-store stop
  service impala-catalog stop

Backup namenode metadata
  cd /var/lib/hadoop/name/
  tar -cvf /root/hadoop_name_backup_$(date +%s).tar .

## Upgrade Hadoop

On active master
  apt-get install hadoop-hdfs-namenode hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver hadoop-httpfs

On standby master
  apt-get install hadoop-hdfs-namenode
On workers
  apt-get install hadoop-yarn-nodemanager hadoop-hdfs-datanode hadoop-mapreduce

On clients (stat1002, analytics1026, analytics1027)
  apt-get install hadoop-client

On journalnodes
  apt-get install hadoop-hdfs-journalnode
  # Start journalnodes
  service hadoop-hdfs-journalnode start

Upgrade hdfs metadata on active master
  service hadoop-hdfs-namenode upgrade
Bootstrap standb and start namenode
  sudo -u hdfs hdfs namenode -bootstrapStandby
  service hadoop-hdfs-namenode start

Start DataNodes
  service hadoop-hdfs-datanode start
On master
  service hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager start 
  service hadoop-httpfs start
Start worker nodemanagers
  service hadoop-yarn-nodemanager start 
Start historyserver on master
  service hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver start 
Make sure stuff works!

## Upgrade Components

## HCatalog
  apt-get install hive-hcatalog

Take note of differences in hue.ini.  See if anything needs updating.

## Mahout
Everywhere, do:
  apt-get install mahout

## Pig

  apt-get install pig

## Sqoop

  apt-get install sqoop

## Hive
Backup the mysql metastore db
  mysqldump -u root hive_metastore > /root/hive_metastore-backup.$(date +%s).sql

  apt-get install hive hive-metastore hive-server2

All other nodes:
  apt-get install hive

TODO: increase heap size for hive-metastore??

Upgrade the metastore on analytics1027
  /usr/lib/hive/bin/schematool -dryRun -dbType mysql -upgradeSchemaFrom 0.13.0
  # if ok, then:
  /usr/lib/hive/bin/schematool -dbType mysql -upgradeSchemaFrom 0.13.0

start hive services
  service hive-metastore restart
  service hive-server2 restart

## Oozie

On clients
  apt-get install oozie-client

On oozie server
  sudo service oozie stop

  # backup database
  mysqldump -u root oozie > /root/oozie-backup.$(date +%s).sql

  apt-get install oozie oozie-client

  # upgrade database
  sudo -u oozie /usr/lib/oozie/bin/ upgrade -run

Upgrade oozie shared library
  sudo -u oozie hadoop fs -rmr /user/oozie/share
  oozie-setup sharelib create -fs hdfs://analytics-hadoop/ -locallib /usr/lib/oozie/oozie-sharelib-yarn

Start oozie server
  service oozie restart

TODO: Check back on oozie web console, does it work better now?  extjs???

## Spark

On all nodes
  apt-get install spark-core spark-python

Upload new spark assembly jar
  sudo -u spark hdfs dfs -rm /user/spark/share/lib/spark-assembly.jar
  sudo -u spark hdfs dfs -put /usr/lib/spark/lib/spark-assembly.jar /user/spark/share/lib/spark-assembly.jar

## Impala

All impala services should already be stopped.

On worker nodes
  apt-get install impala-server

On client nodes
  apt-get install impala-shell

On impala master node (analytics1026)
  apt-get install impala-catalog impala-state-store llama

Start impala services
On impala master node (analytics1026)
  service impala-catalog       start
  service impala-state-store   start
  service llama                start

On worker nodes
  service impala-server        start

## Hue
  service hue stop
  # SOMETHING IS WEIRD HERE, I had the precise versions installed via apt, HMmMm.
  apt-get install hue