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Fatal error when clicking on any burndown - Call to undefined method ManiphestTaskQuery::withAnyProjects()
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Call to undefined method ManiphestTaskQuery::withAnyProjects()


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commit aa68cc8830d81f9381963b31cedbb01f5605c825
Author: lkassianik <>
Date:   Fri May 1 13:26:07 2015 -0700

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commit e4d71b21482ad03ff28101917ccf6d44735cc507
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Date:   Wed Apr 29 13:17:54 2015 +0200

PHP: 5.5.9

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Same here:

arcanist: a4d33ef117aa8702181154b60ce1ce52bcfc119b
libphremoteuser: 1def4e2d7f07ef50330bbd5421f273c0a1d11a55
libphsprint: e4d71b21482ad03ff28101917ccf6d44735cc507
libphutil: 00e1f2da28291027b369f363e82c12f0b70de374
phabricator: bd9aa5d8a95876e1d3d17c6352be0e68f4b77bcc
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